Let Nintendo show you their pokemans for the win

Whether you love the Wii or hate it, one cannot deny the power of Nintendo’s success thus far. Nor will Pokémon CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara, who has shared with Gamespot in a recent interview his confidence that Nintendo will win the war this generation. But it won’t be the already impressive sales of both home and handheld consoles, innovative design or mainstream appeal that will see the Big N reclaiming the mountain. Ishihara has a much more streamlined, singular reason as to why Nintendo are destined for victory:

“The hardware which has Pokémon on it will be the winner.”

It’s as simple as that.  By showing you their pokemans (their pokemans let Nintendo show you them), Nintendo will reign supreme once more. The CEO of Pokémon (and how awesome must it be to call yourself the CEO of that?) went ahead and expounded his statement, of course, adding:

“When you look at multiplatform games, because they are multiplatform you have to consider what is universal to all of the platforms when you’re making it and therefore that limits the actual creativity.

An obvious example, on the DS you have the touch screen but on other hardware you can’t use that. In Pokémon, you can inherit Pokémon from your Game Boy Advance, a feature which is also only available on the DS.”

Is the monster collecting franchise and its use of unique Nintendo hardware still the answer after all these years? Well, considering how great Nintendo’s been doing before a new ‘proper’ Pokémon sequel came out, it would be arrogant for Ishihara to take all the credit when this generation is over. That said, having the still much loved series on your side certainly doesn’t do any harm. Somebody give Sony some Pokémon, stat!

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