Let me show you how much Dtoid rocks

Two years is a long time. In that time span, a US representative can serve a full term, kids can graduate from a community college, a toilet seat can grow into your body, and Xenu has time to stick even more thetans into your body.

And yet, those two years are an eternity when converted to Internet time. As it is, a week already feels like a month, and a month like a minute. Er, year. I’m honestly not good with the whole time thing, as my professors can attest to.

But moving beyond my academic life, Destructoid has survived far longer than all those little start-up sites made by high schoolers and abandoned after a year. You know the kind, made to be a “super-awesome hang-out for people like us, now that MySpace is filled with spammers,” the kind with 2 frame sparkly gifs and purple text. (These sites deserve to die.) Lasting two years on the Internet is no easy feat, and to not only survive, but also grow, is downright astonishing.

Then again, it’s no surprise when Destructoid is such an incredible place. All the articles are well-written and entertaining, unlike other no-nonsense sites. The community that has grown around this framework is equally impressive; I’ve never found another place on the web where I’ve made such good friends that it doesn’t feel like I’m talking with complete strangers. But what’s amazing is the way in which the community is involved in the site: editors keep up dialogue with the readers, while readers are called upon to help make the site even better.

What I’m trying to ramble towards is that this video is a perfect example of why Destructoid is so good. Instead of playing Brawl, my most anticipated game of the Spring; instead of writing an essay, due this very week; instead of visiting more friends over Spring Break, cutting my interactions short; instead of sleeping, something I’m always in need of; I loved Dtoid so much that I made a video showing how passionate I am about the place.

Destructoid is simply phenomenal. Happy birthday Niero, you incredible son of a bitch. Happy birthday. Here’s to the next two great years!

Bob Muir