LEGO’s answer to Minecraft is here

(On, ugh, Steam Early Access)

Warner Bros. and TT Games have launched LEGO Worlds — an open-ended building game with procedurally-generated worlds, rideable creatures, and vehicles — on Steam Early Access today for $14.99. It’s expected to remain there for at least the rest of this year, with a final release on Steam tentatively targeting early 2016. This could be big! (But probably not Minecraft big.)

The store listing describes the current build’s content and what the developer intends to add over time. Randomized worlds and building tools are obviously in already, but elements like online multiplayer, procedurally-generated cave networks, and underwater gameplay are still upcoming.

The game does have real-world LEGO sets, though — both classic and current.

LEGO Worlds [Steam]

Jordan Devore
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