LEGO Incredibles leaks, I hope you can play as Incrediboy

No, not Sydrome, Incrediboy

LEGO games are as inevitable as death and taxes, but not every series gets one. It would have been pretty cool to wander around a fully realized Zootopia world for instance, but despite its massive box office take, it was never LEGO-fied into its own thing. The Incredibles seem to be an exception though, as the existence of their own game has just leaked.

Confirmation comes by way of LEGO supersite Brick Fan, in which they found an early Walmart flier that teases a LEGO Incredibles game to go along with upcoming real life playsets. Based on the flier it seems like it’s coming to all of the usual suspects, including PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, and will be developed by TT Games.

As Brick Fan points out this is the first time a Pixar series has commanded its own LEGO video game.

LEGO The Incredibles [The Brick Fan]

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