LEGO Harry Potter is happening … probably

Earlier reports of Harry Potter receiving the LEGO treatment appear to be ringing true. And if the boy magician doesn’t wet your LEGO whistle, perhaps a second Indiana Jones title will do the trick.

caught a mention of the Harry Potter LEGO property as well as Indiana Jones 2 from a Traveler Tails animator’s online resume. The animator wrote that she is currently working “as a Cutscene Animator on LEGO Harry Potter & LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which are both in the early stages of production.” The scandalous information has since been removed, lending credence to the information through its sudden disappearance.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pumped for a LEGO Harry Potter — for all the wrong reasons. I watched two of the movies while relaxing in my hotel room the other night. Potter can really fling spells when he’s pissed — I’m hoping that (and if, I suppose) LEGO will be able to capture young Potter’s angst with some kind of revolutionary “crybaby meter.” Dude cracks me up. He can shake the world with his wand, but still almost reaches tears whenever that pudgy kid makes fun of him. Shape up, Potter. Treat everyone like Voldemort.

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