The Lego Fortnite cinematic trailer spotlights crafting, building, and survival

Start building those bricks tomorrow.

Lego Fortnite Cinematic Trailer Characters Read to Attack

We’re now a day away from players being able to jump into the world of Lego Fortnite for the very first time. We still have a ton of questions, but some of them may have been answered thanks to today’s lengthy Lego Fortnite cinematic trailer.

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It runs over two-and-a-half minutes long and provides a pretty good idea of what Epic Games is trying to accomplish with the new game mode. It seems less like another battle royale, and more like a Minecraft-inspired world building game.

The trailer follows the Brite Bomber character, one of over 1,200 Fortnite skins that are getting a Lego makeover. As we see her traverse this new Lego-themed land, we get a general idea of what Epic Games and Lego are collaborating on to create.

Brite Bomber finds a dilapidated tower with a crafting bench and quickly creates an axe so she can get to work. She harvests trees in the area to gather wood for building structures. With that, she’s able to craft a cabin for shelter and build a fence to hold her newly found Lego sheep. There’s even a garden that she throws together to begin growing crops for later use.

As night falls in the trailer, you can hear sinister howls in the distance. Brite Bomber runs back to her cabin and utilizes the crafting table yet again (now in her freshly made log cabin) and crafts a wooden crossbow for self-defense. Lego Peely is now with her and crafts a wooden sword for good measure.

When the team returns to their village, we see it’s now evolved into a bustling town with dozens of inhabitants, herds of animals, numerous grocery stands, and plenty of impressive structures. It’s here, perhaps, that lets us assume that Lego Fortnite may well indeed revolve around a multiplayer component. Up to this point, Epic Games has been coy about confirming these details.

What kind of dangers are in this new Lego Fortnite world?

As the trailer heads toward a finish, a hot air balloon (Lego Fortnite’s take on the Battle Bus?) departs with our team toward what appears to be the Grand Glacier area. The balloon passes the icy peaks and instead lands in a desert biome further beyond. Brite Bomber and her team head into a cave where they find skeletons mining the molten area we saw in the new mode’s initial reveal. Again, it has Minecraft vibes, similar to finding a hostile area filled with creepers, skeletons, and zombies.

It appears that boss creatures are confirmed in this Lego Fortnite world too. The team is discovered within the cave and is quickly confronted by a skeletal dragon-looking creature. Everyone pulls out their crafted weapon of choice, and the fight is on.

You can’t help but watch the Lego Fortnite cinematic trailer and tell yourself that this is essentially Minecraft in Fortnite. Whether that’s an accurate take or not, we’ll find out tomorrow. Lego Fortnite launches on December 7, as one of several games coming to Fortnite this week.

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