LEGO David Bowie joins LEGO Iggy in LEGO Rock Band

We’re still trying to come to grips with the fact that a LEGO version of the legendary Iggy Pop will appear in LEGO Rock Band

Now this: He (it?) is going to be joined by a LEGO-ized David Bowie, whose song “Let’s Dance” will be a playable track in the game. According to USA Today‘s Game Hunters, the animations for the bricked Bowie, his band, and the in-game venue will loosely be based on the music video for the song

Fun fact: Bowie lent his vocals to the Iggy Pop track “The Passenger,” which also appears on LEGO Rock Band. Coincidence? Maybe? Probably.

Game Hunters also mentions that “more musicians involved in the game will be announced later.” What other LEGO versions of musicians do you want — no, forget that… NEED! — in LEGO Rock Band

Nick Chester