Legendary Castlevania producer ‘IGA’ seems to be teasing his next game

That long-rumored project

Koji Igarashi (also known as “IGA”) is one of the most talented developers out there, partially credited with the success of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and the continued rise of the franchise after that point. In 2014 though he left Konami, and fans highly suspected a Castlevania-like follow-up.

Now, we seem to have our first hint, as a new teaser site called “swordorwhip.com” has opened. We’ve heard rumors of an IGA Kickstarter for quite a while, and this pretty much seals the deal. Go vote for your favorite weapon and sit tight as we wait for more news.

Tapping into nostalgia for retro-themed Kickstarter projects seems to be working out quite well lately. The Banjo-Kazooie successor Yooka-Laylee smashed its stretch goals, as did the Mega Man-like Mighty No. 9. I suspect that a full-on classic return to form Castlevania indie project (and not the polarizing 3D reboot) would do very well.

So what did I vote? My boy Alucard rocks the sword — sorry Belmont clan.

Sword or Whip [swordorwhip.com] [Thanks, Daniel!]

Chris Carter
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