Legend of Zelda 2008 Web site is probably nothing, we still ask for speculation

Unless Nintendo are planning yearly Legend of Zelda updates a la sports titles, this zelda2008.com Web site is probably nothing to get your panties wet over.

The Web site is nothing more than a teaser, and only contains an image and the text “the new legend awaits” in the soure code. And based on the domain registration information, this likely has nothing to do with Nintendo at all. Of course, we probably could have told you that by simply looking at the amatuer graphics. Oh, and the cease and desist that Nintendo’s lawyers will slap the owners with in three, two, one …

So what is Legend of Zelda 2008? A fan made game, or a fan made film? Or simply a Web site that is going to get a ton of hits from videogame sites who have nothing else to write about on a slow news day?

[Via Kotaku]

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