Legacy of Ys: Books I & II delayed, apology soundtrack now included

That’s not exactly how Atlus phrases it, though. Their spin tactic is obvious in this crazy-long press release title:

Every launch copy of Legacy of Ys: Books I & II for Nintendo DS to be a premium boxed release with soundtrack included, Atlus announces; Also, game delayed two weeks, but no one cares because boxed releases are awesome

The upside of this two-week delay is that the game packaging will now be upgraded to a premium boxed package. Also, instead of pre-order-only soundtrack inclusion, now everyone gets a CD. 

Atlus says that this upgrade marks the return of their Atlus Spoils program, which is a fan appreciation campaign intended to give a little extra something to the company’s faithful followers as a thank you for their continued support. They say that the “program is planned to remain active indefinitely during 2009, meaning fans can expect additional bonuses and extras in future Atlus releases throughout the year.”

A two-week wait isn’t bad for Legacy of Ys: Books I & II, especially seeing as how it really is two games on one cartridge. We’ll wait patiently for the new February 24th release date, looking forward to our shiny box of RPG goodness.

Check out the gallery for a few new screens from this upcoming DS RPG. 

Dale North