Legacy of the Void owners can get Artanis early in Heroes of the Storm

Or just stockpile your gold

I haven’t even seen the Medic yet! Before I know it, Artanis will be here too. He’s headed to Heroes of the Storm as a melee warrior on October 27, 2015, but there’s a way to get him early.

Folks who pre-purchase StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void digitally will gain “exclusive access” to Artanis on October 20. If you’re unwilling or unable to buy the expansion ahead of its November 10 launch, that’s fine — you’ll still get the hero with your purchase (minus early access).

If you’re going to pre-purchase a physical copy of Legacy of the Void, you can contact Blizzard’s customer service department on October 20 with proof of purchase to get Artanis. Note: “This promotion will only be valid from October 20 through November 13.”

Wonder if he’ll overshadow Zeratul as my sworn enemy. Doubt it.

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