Left 4 Dead survivors return for Zombie Army Trilogy

Typical Valve

The survivors of the Left 4 Dead series are back for a cameo in Zombie Army Trilogy on PC. Folks who own Rebellion’s Nazi zombie-shooting game can download a free update through Steam that adds Bill, Francis, Louis, Zoey, Coach, Ellis, Nick, and Rochelle as playable characters. Kinda cool.

You might be wondering how they traveled back to 1945, though. Me too! Maybe you can download this free 2000AD comic, Zombie Army Trilogy: Wrong Place, Wrong Time, and tell the rest of us. It’s only 12 pages.

As is typical for crossovers like this, there’s also a Steam sale. The game is down to $15.29 (66 percent off) until Monday, August 24 at 10:00am Pacific. Chris liked the campaigns well enough, especially with online co-op, but didn’t think Horde Mode had all that much staying power.

Do you have a favorite survivor? I’m a Louis fan, myself.

Jordan Devore
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