Left 4 Dead on PS3? Valve laughs at your silliness

The rumors of Left 4 Dead hitting the PlayStation 3 is very much like one of the infected’s Tanks — incredibly hard to kill, and increasingly annoying. The latest rumor comes courtesy of UK retailer HMV, which has a listing for the PS3 version and scheduled it to release on June 5 of this year.

Valve mocked the latest rumors, with a rep simply saying of HMV’s PS3 version: “Fantastic. I can’t wait to see it.”

I can’t wait to see it either, since PS3 loyalists can stop saying “Left 4 Dead sucks” and start saying “Left 4 Dead is pretty cool actually.” It’ll be great to see these rumors finally end like the BioShock ones did. Until we see L4D on the PS3 (if we see it at all), this will never be over. Gamers never take no for an answer, especially when they’re being denied a game that they want, so EA needs to hurry up and port the bloody thing over in Valve’s stead. 

Also, Left 4 Dead confirmed for Wii, DS and Sega Master System.

Jim Sterling