Left 4 Dead leaves some swanky gameplay footage (and dogs CAN look up)

Left 4 Dead

may have had its release pushed back, but that’s no reason not to be all giddy and hopeful about Valve/Turtle Rock’s first person zombie parade.  In this nine-plus minute video from QuakeCon 2007, you’ll basically see exactly what you expect to see — zombies getting shot, guns shooting zombies, and zombies being hit by bullets shot from guns that are shooting at zombies by people who want to shoot zombies with guns. Yes, it’s more of the same, which might be Left 4 Dead‘s calling card throughout, but if more of the same means more zombie slaughter, then I’m not going to complain.

Of note in this video is the use of sound. It’s not used to great effect in many games, but here you can see just how intimidating noise can be. The sound of creatures wailing in the dark, echoing down subway tunnels before the attack is very chilling and something I hope is realized and captured by the developers a lot more. But enough from me, I shall let you all continue your excitement and dancing in celebration of this game. 

[Many thanks to TheGoldenDonut]

Jim Sterling