Left 4 Dead gets an NES demake

What you are no doubt watching right now, as you’re reading this, is in fact a playable game. PixelForce, which mainly consists of a single person named Eric Ruth, brought it upon themselves to demake Left 4 Dead.

Ruth hopes to get this game out for our enjoyment as a free download around January 4. All five maps of all four campaigns plus the entire cast of Special Infected will be present, believe it or not.

Easily the best part of this demonstration is the Boomer having everything from his waist up blown to smithereens; it’s going to be neat to see the other SI in low-res form, for sure.

All in all, it’s looking like a cool little project. Admittedly, I think the zombie reaction times are a bit on the slow side, but otherwise I dug what I saw wholeheartedly.

[Via Go Nintendo]

Jordan Devore
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