Left 4 Dead gameplay footage plus bonus nerdy commentary

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Some random geeks from 1UP have gotten their hands on Left 4 Dead, the upcoming co-op zombie game where you can either play as the small group of survivors or the neverending hordes of zombies trying to prevent said humans from finding the princess. While the video does show off quite a lot of the game itself, you’re going to have to endure a bit of lame, MTV-style e-diary of the aforementioned nerds trying to act cool and talk about their experience playing the game. I’m surprised one of them doesn’t have a cigarette or a Halo 2 t-shirt on.

Seriously, watch how excited they get each time they say a naughty word. It’s like when the infant in the car seat starts saying “f***!” and everyone starts laughing, so the kid just keeps on saying it and everyone keeps on laughing for…some…reason?

Special thanks to Dtoid’s #356,721 fan Matthew for the link. Your absolutely nothing is in the mail. Enjoy!  

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