Left 4 Dead free trial available on Steam Friday [Update]

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Whoops. We’re about eight hours late on this, but if you’re looking to play the PC version of Left 4 Dead on the cheap, then Valve has a trial you can’t refuse. Starting midnight Friday (GMT), the co-op zombie fragfest will be free on Steam via a trial download.

The download includes the new “Survival Pack” downloadable content; so get ready for some frantic close-quarters men-on-Tank action and some hectic finales on the two new Versus maps.

If you’re an L4D PC vet, get ready for some new fodder. But do try to be nice to these new folks. No need to drag them off buildings. OK, guys?

[Update: Okay, the trial starts on Friday. I thought it was Friday when I wrote this. It was early in the morning. That’s my excuse.]

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