Left 4 Dead finalized box art is just box art, but still gets us excited

Normally we don’t do stories simply on box art. But when Valve sent this finalized Left 4 Dead box art over to us a few minutes ago, the internal response from the Destructoid staff was unanimous: “DO WANT.”

The art has a clean and simple design, which I think gets the point across nicely. There’s the game’s logo, which has a “4” splashed in blood. And then there’s the hand, which uh … oh s**t, is it missing a finger!? Do you think zombies got to it? Oh my God, holy crap … do you think zombies are coming!?!? *squeal*

Check out my brief hands-on impressions of a Left 4 Dead cooperative session, and prepare yourself for survival on November 4 when the games ships for Xbox 360 and PC. 

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