Left 4 Dead 2 authoring tools are out today!

Let the real fun of Left 4 Dead 2 commence … on the PC, anyway. Valve has announced today that Left 4 Dead 2‘s authoring tools are going to be made available on Steam. Whether you’re a designer who wants to show off how creative he can be with zombies or a mere player looking for some fresh campaigns, the authoring tools add-on needs to be downloaded post-haste!

If you’re new to this sort of thing, just mosey on over to the Tools tab of your Steam window and look for the Left 4 Dead 2 – Authoring Tools file. Then you can start tinkering around with your own campaigns or checking out the chicanery that other designers come up. Simple as that!

As well as customizing the AI Director and altering the game’s behavior, designers will also be able to create their own Scavenge Mode levels as well. Sounds like there’s going to be more than enough to play with, and all for the wonderful price of f*ck-all!

Why did I ever think PC gaming was a bad idea? I should be slapped sometimes. 

All I want for Christmas is an SDK [Left 4 Dead blog]

Jim Sterling