Learn all about BioShock 2

Do you want to know every detail ever on BioShock2? You’ll have to play the game. However, if you’re willing to simply find out some new stuff about the game than GameSpot’s exclusive 12 minute video should do the trick.

In it, 2K Marin developers discuss the game’s story and other cool features, though it’s pretty clear they don’t want to give away more then we already know. There doesn’t even seem to be any new footage in it. I also suggest not reading on if you want to keep the game and its features surprising.

The GameSpotters also got a chance to go hands-on with a part of the game called “Hunting the Big Sister.” They had some words to say about the experience, including mentioning that while on the surface the game didn’t seem that improved graphically, it did have plenty of smaller touches that looked good.

There is also a new gameplay mechanic that will let you takes strolls outside of the city which, by the way, is much more open and far larger than in the first game. Other gameplay mechanics include adopting Little Sisters, more power for your character and thus tougher bad guys and new exciting plasmids. If you want to ruin all the fun about discovering a new game I suggest you check it out and then watch the video below. 


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