Learn all about baby Kratos via the medium of comics

Kratos is so angry all the time. Killing and rampaging and killing some more. Sure we’re told it’s because of his want for revenge on the Gods, but I think any good psychologist would tell us that the real issues started at childhood. Maybe when mommy and daddy fought in front of little Kratos or perhaps dad wasn’t around enough. It sounds like some serious issues were developed long before the games take place. Thanks to a new six part comic coming out on March 31 we’re going to find out the sordid details of the childhood of Kratos.

While I’m envisioning a bobblehead style, childlike Kratos running around with his best pals solving mysteries with the gang I’m thinking writer Marv Wolfman and artist Andrea Sorrentino are probably going to take it a bit more seriously. The comic was originally supposed to land last October, but maybe the launch date of this comic could give us a hint at the actual release date for God of War III as well. Nah, probably not.

Upcoming God Of War Comic Explores Kratos’ Childhood [Game Informer]

Matthew Razak