Learn about SSFIV’s Hakan from head-to-toe

The official Capcom blog, Capcom-Unity, blew the grease cap off the latest and oiliest roster addition to Super Street Fighter IV earlier this afternoon in two detail-packed interviews with game battle director Taisaku Okada, Takashi Tsukamoto, and “man-in-charge” Sano. Among the topics covered were, of course, where Hakan’s glisten came from and the equally important topic of how to use him the effectively.

We weren’t able to stay conscious long enough to get a feel for the behemoth during the SSFIV event at GDC, much less learn that he’s a jack of all trades. According to Okada, Hakan doesn’t have “any distances he hates.” At long range he powers up. At medium he’s able to control his opponent’s movements, and at short range he’s able to tear up his foes with monstrous grapples — and we’re guessing make them feel all icky to boot.

Perhaps there will be a shower mini-game after all.

Super Street Fighter IV Dev Blog: Hakan Overload [Capcom-Unity]

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