Leaked WB email: Batman Arkham Knight’s PC version won’t be fixed until at least September

Retail versions being sent back

The Australian branch of Kotaku has gotten its “press sneak” hands on a leaked internal email sent to EB Games by Warner Bros. stating the PC version of Arkham Knight won’t be done until spring time, which for Australia means between September and November.

Due to this email EB Games has decided to pull all retail stock of the game — which it had previously stopped selling — and send it back to WB until the PC version is fixed.

Well, at least we now have a rough time frame in mind for when PC players will be able to start digging into Batman and his DLC properly. Praise be to the Steam refund system. Now, if only consoles would get on the pro-consumer refund train too.

Batman: Arkham Knight Won’t Be Fixed On PC Until Spring, Claims Leaked Email [Kotaku]

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