Leaked shots of Playstation Home Beta

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One of the posters over at PS3Forums put up images of their invitations to Playstation Home, and their subsequent journey into the system. We get to see quite a bit, from interacting with your PSP to viewing videos, to playing games.

I’m really digging the way that you view videos in the TV screens. It doesn’t seem so utterly out of place like I’d figure it would be — instead, it feels almost completely natural from a game perspective, and provides enough of a tease for me to go check out the videos on my own and download them to my non-existant PS3 (which I wish wasn’t the case).

The game interface, from the one shot that we have, reminds me way too much of Wii Bowling. I do hope that they decide to change the interface for the game, since I’d hope they’d go with a less Nintendo-esque color scheme for their minigames.

So, check out the entire gallery and let us know what you think of Playstation Home so far!

[Thanks, Lila!]

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