Leaked screenshots and videos of Home beta hit the net, but we want it all

If there’s one thing that gaming journalists and bloggers bet their reputation on, it’s the familiar acronym for non-disclosure agreements, otherwise known as the dreaded NDA. However, the Internet is serious business, and some people view such legalese about as threatening as the removal of mattress tags — illegal and punishable by law, but best left to the renegades. To them, some secretive information is just deemed too juicy, and worth any risk involved.

As CVG is reporting, that appears to be the case with at least one beta tester, who leaked several screens from a purported test meeting regarding Home. But the disclosures don’t end there. Also floating around the bowels of YouTube are videos, showing the service in action. Judging by some of the comments on the screenshots mentioned above, the areas of Home must be Arctic in nature. How else can one explain the frequent use of the term “freezing?” Also, betas.

All jokes aside, Home sounds pretty good in theory. Even if some of us aren’t entirely sold on the idea of creating virtual apartments for friends to peruse, you have to give Sony the approving nod for at least attempting to 1up the 360’s excellent Live service — Nintendo gave up from the start, which can only be described as disappointing. Now if only we could get less leakage, and more releaseage (made up or not, the word fits marvelously).

We’ve heard that Home has been in development since 2005 Sony, and PS3 owners want more toys to play with on their Blu-ray beast — before Microsoft ups the ante again on you. Put us all in the beta if you have to. Just get the polished version of this thing out the door, and soon.

[Thanks, Justin!]