Leak! New Shin Megami Tensei game: Strange Journey

Yay! More Shin Megami Tensei!

A new teaser site posted by Atlus Japan had its beans spilled. The reveal payload was supposed to hit on July 24th, but some html digging revealed the game name via an image: Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. What you see above is that logo, captured by this Japanese blog.

Being a revealed leak, we have nothing in the way of details other than what looks to be a release date. Is that October 8th? August 2010? You know what? Who the eff cares! It’s new SMT!

Also, check out the image after the jump; it’s what was originally a scrambled image. Now unscrambled, it looks like there’s a hole in the South Pole. 

[via Siliconera and Kotaku]

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