League of Legends will have a storyline in The Rock’s HBO show, Ballers

The finale season started yesterday

League of Legends has earned a lot of cachet over years, and is in part responsible for the worldwide rise of eSports. You could argue that it’s already had its due with multiple documentaries, specials, and general interest (and tired) “eSports” storylines in shows like The Simpsions (which parody show Angie Tribeca did a good job of sending up last season), but now it’s getting even more of a spotlight as a featured storyline in an HBO comedy/drama.

If you haven’t seen Ballers yet think “Entourage (Mark Wahlberg even produced both), but with sports instead of movies, and with The Rock instead of Adrian Grenier.” It’s comfort (or junk) food, and much like The League and other similar shows, the focus has slowly shifted off of sports and more into a general atmosphere of “money fantasy.” That’s why this pivot to an eSports arc (which will focus on the friend of John David Washington, former football star of the series) makes sense.

It all comes full circle as NBA player-turned-eSports-tycoon Rick Fox will have a role in what is to be the final season of the show. The season premiere of Ballers aired yesterday, and the League bits are already popping up (if you watch, it starts 19 minutes into Season 5, Episode 1).

Chris Carter
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