League of Legends’ latest champion is named Tahm Kench

He’s a support who excels solo lane

The River King lives, folks. While some speculated that the creature in the water in the teaser video would be an ultimate of sorts, Tahm Kench is confirmed for League of Legends, and he will be a support character. Evidently he’s tanky as well, and will excel in solo lane play.

Kench has this really cool move (his “W”) where he can devour enemies and spit them out, in addition to swallowing his allies, making them immune to damage and saving them from harm. Cool! His ultimate also involves swallowing allies, and jumping into a whirlpool to teleport long distances — sounds like a great initiator.

As a side note, here’s how to unlock a free champion by engaging in a social media promotion.

Champion Reveal [League of Legends]

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