League of Legends gets Co-op vs. AI mode

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Riot Games’ League of Legends the free-to-play spiritual successor to DotA Allstars —  is getting a new mode called “Co-op vs. AI”. At the moment, players can choose between either Beginner or Intermediate skill level and join a queue that automatically teams them up with similar players to kick some newly improved AI butt.

Eight new and upgraded AI bots were tailored to pose more of a challenge to players, and they differ from the kind of AI available in custom games. Apparently you can expect them to show the kind the behavior you would expect from players, like “devious actions as ganking mid, defending dragon, or purchasing Guardian Angel Armor.”

My nephew pretty much plays nothing but LoL, so I’m sure he’ll enjoy this option if he gets annoyed with a loss-streak in PvP. The Co-op mode also gives you better IP and XP rewards than custom games, so it’s not just a bonus mode for touching up your skills without getting any reward for it.

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