League of Legends’ fun Hexakill mode is going away again

Going, going, gone

Earlier last year, the folks over at Riot Games opened up the Hexakill game mode for League of Legends. The idea was simple — take a five-player map and add an extra player to it, creating all sorts of crazy match-ups and teamfights. Sadly, Riot took the mode away, only to bring it back this year…and take it away again. Riot has announced that it is once again pulling the mode, which is now featured in the smaller Twisted Treeline map — originally meant for just three players.

I’m sad this mode is gone so soon. Dominion isn’t a bad gametype, but I vastly prefer the classic MOBA style of ARAM and Hexakill over an arena-style slugfest.

Get your Hexakills while you can! [League of Legends]

Chris Carter
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