League of Legends celebrates ‘Draven Day,’ which is actually real

Riot’s US servers are chugging like crazy

Riot Games has reskinned their entire League of Legends experience to accomodate Draven — a character that has basically become the Street Fighter-esque “Dan” running gag — for April Fools day.

Sure it’s an old meme but Riot really went all in on it. In addition to their entire front page being taken over by Draven, there’s also a host of new skins to buy (which are actually real, I checked), Draven minions to fight, merch, new in-game bundles, and a “Dravenizer,” that makes you face more like…Draven.

It’s a smart move to embrace a community meme, but I also appreciate the fact that actual content came out of this instead of something light.

Happy Draven Day [League of Legends]

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