League of Evil brings over 50 levels of old school to iOS

Ravenous Games had never heard of Destructoid until we mentioned them in the rather nasty Blocks Cometh rip-off affair, where a nefarious game thief lifted a character from their upcoming game, League of Evil

Now that they know about us, they shared this trailer, and also informed us that the cool little title will be available for your iPhone on February 3. It’s a neat looking game with a lot of retro flavor to it, and boasts over 50 levels of what looks set to be some rather challenging platforming. 

The controls always seem to make or break games like this, so I’m eager to see how the touchscreen input will affect things. I’m hoping for a really good game, though. It’s generated a lot of buzz from mobile gamers lately, so this should do quite well.

James Stephanie Sterling