Lead and Gold hits European PSN on April 22

Giddy up! That’s what cowboys say, right? But I’m admittedly unoriginal, so that’s what I’ll be yelling as I download Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West to my PlayStation 3 hard drive next week in two weeks.

Publisher Paradox Interactive has announced that its third-person shooter is set to hit PlayStation Network on April 22 in Europe, “with the rest of the world soon to follow.” Developed by Fatshark, Lead and Gold focuses on a multiplayer experiencing in the Wild West, giving players four different playable characters to control.

If you’ve got a gaming PC and you don’t want to wait, Lead and Gold actually hits Steam today

[Update: Our story had originally indicated Lead and Gold‘s April 15 release based on information from Paradox. Since our story ran, the release date has been changed, and will be April 22 in Europe. The above text has been changed to reflect the update.]

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