Lazy people: Netflix queue management ‘is meant to be on the PC’

Netflix is easily one of the most used features on Microsoft’s New Xbox Experience. The integration allows users to queue up movies via their PC and stream them digitally through their Xbox 360. One of the loudest complaints about this process is the middleman – the PC. Why can’t you just pick a movie or a television show straight from the Netflix tab on the 360? It is because Netflix doesn’t want you to.

Recently MTV Mutliplayer caught up with Microsoft product manager Aaron Greenburg and had him explain the need for a PC:

What the Netflix guys will tell you [is] that queue management is meant to be on the PC, where you can search a lot of content and see reviews. On the Xbox 360, the idea was this was supposed to be a viewing experience. That’s the way we designed it… We’ve heard the feedback and I think the team will look at what the options [are].

Greenburg also pointed out that Netflix has done a crazy good job at grabbing more content for streaming. Last year the company offered 5,000 movies and television programs. Now, it is close to 15,000. Unfortunately, those are 15,000 items that we still can’t queue up from the comfort of our couches.

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