Lazy bastards would like Ben Heck’s Xbox 360 disc changer

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I never got what the big deal was. PS3 owners tease Xbox 360 owners about how it sucks that they have to change a game disc out. Who gives a sh*t? You don’t sit that far away from your game system, do you? Get up and switch that bitch out!

Game system modder Ben Heck has a talent for making unnecessary mods. His latest would only appeal to those lazy bastards that don’t want to change out game discs. It blends an Xbox 360, a Sony (ha!) CD changer and a Arduino board to make a rig that allows you to stick all your games into one box and never have to change out a disc again. 

This rig was shown off on the latest episode of The Ben Heck Show. He actually leaves it unfinished so that one lucky winner will have the opportunity to mod his mod. That’s nice that he’s starting someone else out as the whole shebang looks incredibly complicated. I love the janky disc selector control, though.

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