Lay (Rainbow Six) Siege to your friends for free this weekend

PC and PS4!

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I guess betas and free weekends are the new demos, because a lot of developers have been opting for post-release “free” weekends to generate interest in their hot titles. We’ve seen one for Overwatch on consoles and now Ubisoft is following the trend by letting Rainbow Six: Siege run free on PS4 and PC this weekend (following a successful weekend on PC and Xbox One earlier this year).

Along with that comes a discount on Steam. You can currently grab the full game for $24.99, along with the “Gold” edition going on sale for $39.99. Curiously, the season pass by itself is not on sale, but I guess that is just to make early adopters feel stupid. Also curious, the Starter Edition is gone again (which seems to happen every so often).

While there doesn’t seem to be a sale on the PS4 front, Rainbow Six: Siege will be $15 for Black Friday at Wal-Mart and Target (on consoles). If you want to find out whether or not $15 is worth the investment, I guess this weekend is the best time to do so (November 11-13).

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