Lawyers unleashed: Sega objects to Sonic-themed shenanigans on Destructoid

As you can see, Destructoid is in the process of replacing all material to do with the hypothetical game that doesn’t exist yet, Sonic Unleashed, with a song about two priests and a lovely horse. This is because we hate getting sued and Sega’s legal department probably won’t take us to court over horse songs.
If anybody would like to now question whether all those images and that gameplay video were fake or not, please GTFO. Not that I’m going to say this confirms anything. Can I say that? Probably not.
Also, while I’ve got your attention Sega, what gives!? I’ve been trying to talk to you guys all week about setting up one of us with a review copy of Viking and I didn’t get a single reply. Must we poor and simple indie bloggers break copyright law to get games publishers to talk to us these days? Well … I’m hurt. From the bottom of my heart, I am hurt, and I want an apology card. With a balloon. And a copy of Viking.
I wrote all those posts while dying of flu, too, and they’ve had to be scrapped. That deserves a balloon. I don’t know why I bother …
Jim Sterling