Laura’s Gaming Butts: Team Fortress 2 Ft. Dodger

Dodger has thoughts on Spy butts

Hello all and welcome to Laura’s Gaming Butts, Destructoid’s weekly YouTube show about butts in videogames. Yep, it’s a video podcast where I get guests in to talk about butts. Professional journalism at its finest.

This week we’re co-hosted by Joe Parlock and joined by special guest Dodger, butt-loving YouTuber and co-host of the Co-Optional Podcast. Together we delve into the science that is Team Fortress 2 butts.

What’s the soldier hiding under his helmet? When did the Scout get such a plump rear? How did the Demomen form a mutual, butt-related blackmail truce? All these answers and more in out in-depth, 45-minute butt report.

Laura Dale