Latest screens of The Pitt DLC pack more Auto-Axe lovin’

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Bethesda, you sure know how to pick ’em. You dish out three screenshots for your Fallout 3 downloadable content at a time, but you always manage to make each one really count. Take these images for The Pitt (800 Microsoft Points — Xbox 360 and PC), for instance.

I have been trying my hardest to avoid losing it by bringing this conversation down to “that’s awesome,” but what else can be said? One of the screens is a great shot of The Pitt‘s industrial landscape complete with smokestacks on the horizon. Another shows a giant hole, which I assume is “the pitt.”

But then we get to the third picture, the one with the the Trog and the Auto-Axe from a first-person perspective. That’s when I give up, and pull out my wallet. I hope you enjoy sleeping on your piles of cash tonight, Bethesda.

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