Latest Just Cause 2 trailer makes pre-order DLC look fun

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As if “you can blow up a bunch of crap and do some crazy sh*t” wasn’t reason enough to pre-order Just Cause 2, Square Enix/Eidos has thrown together a trailer showing off the game’s pre-order items. 

They’re all in-game, downloadable once you get the game home, and they range from weapons to vehicles to a parachute. The Chaos Parachute just looks like it’s a regular old parachute, but totally awesome because it has a skull face on it. Vehicles include the Chevalier Classic and the all-terrain Agency Hovercraft. On the weapon’s front, the sniper Bull’s Eye Assault Rifle and Rico’s Signature Gun can be added to your arsenal. 

Question: If it’s Rico’s signature gun, why do I need to download it? Shouldn’t that be standard? I mean, it’s like his thing, right? I don’t get it. Why wouldn’t they take away his signature gun and then make it DLC? Crazy talk. 

Just Cause 2 hits PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on March 23.

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