Latest Combat Arms update adds the ‘Nut Shot’

Watch out Midway Games, someone picked up your junk busting slack. Nexon’s latest update to online FPS Combat Arms added the ‘Nut Shot,’ a brand new (and hilarious) instant kill method. It’s exactly what you think. Instead of busting a dude in the head, players can now bust each other’s balls … with bullets.

Of course, this update doesn’t just add a layer of hit detection. The HUD has been enhanced, so every time you get a testicle-related kill, a cute little image of exploding walnuts pops up on the screen denoting the savagery. We have a short trailer that introduces the scandalous attack method and shows off the visual addition after the break.

There isn’t a female equivalent to the ‘Nut Shot’ in the game, so if you’re rolling as a chick, you’re impervious to the new kill tactic. I guess ‘Vag Shot’ would have been too much.

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