Latest Bad Company 2 patch hitting PlayStation 3 tomorrow

The next Battlefield: Bad Company 2 patch is set to go live tomorrow on PlayStation Network, with a release on Xbox LIVE expected to happen in the immediate future. What’s it contain? Perhaps most importantly, the stat tracking for the M1 Garand has been fixed. Here’s the full list courtesy of DICE:

  • Kit images added in spawn menu
  • Fixed the “required rank” field on the unlock items specified on the W&G page
  • Added M14, NS 2000 and G3 in-game unlock pop-up when the requirements for unlocking them are reached
  • Added a server side check of the veteran status of the players
  • Award bugfix for “Win all 4 game modes” (it had marksman headshot as a dependency)
  • Garand did not track anything, Thompson tracked Garand.
  • Increased the penalty points for TeamKill and TeamDamage
  • Increased the reward points for Objective Actions (Flag Cap/Assist, Arm/Disarm/Destroy/Damage/TeamDestroy/TeamDamage)
  • Fixed veteran rank number not showing up in ingame scoreboard
  • The southpaw setting now works for the anti-air gun and the Stationary AT
  • Collectible weapon messages fixed

And there you have it. I’m surprised it took so long to address the issue with the Garand, although I suppose getting a fix at all — as messed up as this sounds — isn’t always a sure thing.

Jordan Devore
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