Late Night Lulz: The Mega Man 2 and Tetris theme songs get lyrics

Brentalfloss has received a lot of Internet fame as of late thanks to his talent at adding lyrics to videogame songs. He started with giving lyrics to the Dr. Wily level theme from Mega Man 2 and then gave the Mega Man 3 theme song lyrics.

Now, brentalfloss has gone back to Mega Man 2 and given the title theme song lyrics. Personally, my favorite song of his so far has been the remixed version of the Mega Man 3 theme, followed by his What a Wonderful Super Mario World mash up. Still, the song is good and I enjoyed the Daft Punk reference in this one.

Brentalfloss also recently gave the Tetris theme lyrics and well, it’s kind of sexist. Hit the jump to check out the Tetris with lyrics video.

[Via Scary Womanizing Pig Mask’s C Blog]

Hamza Aziz