Last week’s Adventure Time featured Porpentine’s namesake

Purple slime girls are not to be trifled with

Popular Cartoon Network show Adventure Time is no stranger to videogame references, though these references aren’t always intentional. The shout out to Super Hexegon definitely wasn’t an accident, but the inclusion of a tiny ant named Lieutenant Gamergate apparently had no intended relationship to the infamous hashtag. 

I figured that last week’s episode about a legendary brand of purple soda called Super Porp was a similar coincidence, but as the the episode unfolded, the connections added up. [SPOILERS: It turns out that Super Porp is a cult-like soda company that employs various slime humanoids who endlessly toil to produce a purple slime soda that may or may not be born from the same slime they’re made of. END SPOILERS.]

The similarities between this Porp-story and Porpentine‘s slimegirl epic Armada were hard to deny, but it still seemed impossible that this was a direct tribute. Other than a recent story in the New York Times and IGF winner Richard Hofmeier‘s reverse-Kanye declaration that her game should have won the award instead of his, Porpentine is relatively unknown to the mainstream and game culture alike. As it turns out, I should have never doubted the far reaching power or Porp. The developer confirmed with me over Twitter that Super Porp is in fact a direct reference to her namesake. 

Good for you, Porpentine. Adventure Time today, tomorrow the world.

Jonathan Holmes
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