Last of Us Part II closes out the first day of the PlayStation Experience

Ellie loves that guitar

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Looks like there won’t be anymore rumors or slip-ups during livestreams; Sony has finally unveiled the trailer for The Last of Us Part II and it features all of the cinematic bravado you’d expect from Naughty Dog. It also looks like it takes place a decent chunk of time after the first game, since Ellie has aged a bit.

I’m sure a lot of people are super excited for this, but I’m a bit indifferent. I have never managed to play the first game and my best friend really disliked it. I also saw a few bits of gameplay involving puzzles and I was a bit baffled by the lack of logic. I know Ellie is afraid of water, but Joel can just lift her up on the dumpster.

Regardless, this should be a big thing for fans. At least we won’t have to speculate about the existence of the title.

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