Last King of Africa brings adventure gaming (not Forest Whitaker) to the DS

Even though the game was quietly announced a couple months ago, I had never heard of upcoming DS adventure game Last King of Africa until just this morning. What is wrong with me? Am I a horrible adventure game fan? MY GOD, PULL IT TOGETHER, CHAD!

After tightening my cilice in punishment I decided to check out the brand new trailer that was just released for the promising game. Looking like a mixture between Myst and Hotel Dusk, Last King of Africa went from something I never knew existed to being one of my most anticipated games of the year.

In all honesty, a publisher could release a game called Paint Dry: An Adventure Game and I would most likely play it … but, lucky for me, Last King of Africa has the added advantage of being a revamped port of excellent PC game Paradise. With pedigree like that I trust this game will turn out pretty great!

Hit the jump for the full press release and let us know what you think. Looks pretty cool, huh? Moving and manipulating items with the stylus has never looked like so much fun!

Last King of Africa: Official Trailer Available Now

Focus Home Interactive and White Birds are pleased to release the first official trailer for Last King of Africa, their upcoming adventure title for the Nintendo DS™. This new video will give you a full overview of the gameplay, which focuses on a variety of puzzles and challenges that are part of this lush new adventure designed by Benoit Sokal.

Last King of Africa on Nintendo DS invites you on a fantastic journey deep into an imaginary Africa where you will play the role of young Ann Smith, daughter of the last king of Maurania. Ann is on her way to assist her dying father on his deathbed when her plane crashes near a city held by a rebel faction, on the north side of the country. Ann lives through this terrible accident and wakes up with amnesia in a prince’s palace. That is how her extraordinary journey begins.

In order to develop the game on the Nintendo DS, this amazing adventure created by Benoit Sokal had to be totally rethought with regard to Paradise on the PC. The numerous puzzles and mind-teasers throughout the game have been completely reworked and now offer an original and intuitive style of gameplay that takes advantage of the Nintendo DS’ unique features. The use of the stylus, microphone and your own logic will be of capital importance in solving the puzzles and mind-teasers.

The story itself has undergone some refreshing changes. These modifications are notable in the radical change in the relationships between the principal characters and in the combination and simplification of the dialogues that retain only the essential information needed to understand the story line without artificially prolonging the game. The new dialogue interface offers a more expressive identification of the characters. The characters are now displayed with a close-up shot on the DS’ upper screen. Also, 3D action phases have been eliminated to make Last King of Africa a true, pure and traditional point & click adventure game.

Finally, Last King of Africa on the Nintendo DS features a clear and detailed layout of the game’s zones for increased ease of orientation during the course of the adventure. The game also includes a very intuitive help system to lend a hand to players during exploration phases and to avoid tedious “pixel hunting.” Thanks to its magnificent 2D scenes in which detailed 3D characters evolve, perplexing mind-teasers and exciting alternative stories, Last King of Africa has all the necessary qualities to make this a great Nintendo DS adventure.

Last King of Africa will be out on Nintendo DS in November 2008.

Chad Concelmo