Last Flight gets new, bloody screenshots

I should let you know that the only reason we have these three new screens for the Last Flight, an upcoming title for WiiWare, is because of some business/game development-related stuff that was announced. So let’s get that out of the way first.

Emergent Technologies has licensed its multi-platform Gamebryo engine for use with the Blooper Team-developed Last Flight. In a press release, Lead Programmer Pawel Lewandowski says some stuff about how it’s a “fully featured game engine and tool chain ready to use out of the box.” And then he praises how well-document the tech is, making it simple to use. Marcin Kawa, the game’s executive producer adds, as he has in the past, that the game is going to look “as good, if not better, than most boxed Wii games.”

On to the screenshots: OMG IS THAT A GUITAR AND A MEAT CLEAVER!? When I spoke with Kawa awhile back about Last Flight, he didn’t say anything about a guitar. While waiting for the game’s release, it almost fell off my radar. But now that I know a guitar weapon is involved… okay, I see what they did there.

Nick Chester