Last Flight: Finally, a game where a food critic kills vampires on a plane

Oh, the wild life of a food critic! Tasting exotic foods and flying around the world on the company’s dime. But what would it be without a little adventure? Like having to fight vampires on a plane, for instance. 

That’s the premise behind Blobber Team’s upcoming WiiWare title, Last Flight, where you take control of food critic Larry Adelman as he tries to survive on a bloodsucker infested flight. Using a whip soaked in holy water to stun the vampires, you’ll then have to finish them off by piercing their hearts with a wooden stake. If these screen shots are any indication, you’ll also wield meat cleavers, and there will be some blood. Lots of it. 

Let’s hope that the whole “food critic kills vampires on a plane” is not some wacky Google translation from the source, because dreams would be crushed. Now if only Rachael Ray were a playable character in this game; I could make her die over and over and over … 

[Via Cubed3]

Nick Chester