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Last Epoch: How to find and use the Eternity Cache

I didn't understand the Eternity Cache, so I learned everything about it.

With the official full release of Last Epoch a few weeks ago, tons of new players flooded in, and, as a result, we all have a lot of questions about crafting and gear systems. I was one of those new players, and one of the most confusing features involved Exalted items and using the Eternity Cache.

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How to find the Eternity Cache

Temporal Sanctum dungeon leads to Eternity Cache in Last Epoch
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Before you worry about using the Eternity Cache in Last Epoch, you’ll have to locate it at the very end of the Temporal Sanctum dungeon. As with a few other dungeons, you’ll need a key to enter. Key drops are completely random, but much easier to find in the Monolith of Fate dungeons. Specifically, choosing quest echoes that offer keys should simplify the grind.

Once you’ve got the key in your possession, just right click to teleport directly to the entrance. Inside, you’ll find a fairly challenging level 55 dungeon (unless you’re already over-leveled/geared) with a tough boss at the end. Throughout the dungeon, you’ll use the ‘D’ key (default key binds), to swap back and forth in time between modern and ruined environments. This can open new pathways and spawn enemies you couldn’t see before.

After defeating the boss, walk into the next room and you’ll find the Eternity Cache. If you’re like me, you’ll stand there wondering why you can’t use it for a few minutes. Only to find out you must press ‘D’ and get back to the Divine Era (the more modern looking one). While in the Ruined Era, you won’t be able to activate and use the Eternity Cache.

How to use the Eternity Cache

The Eternity Cache is a very useful crafting device capable of offering players some of the most powerful items in the game. In short, you’ll be able to combine a specific piece of Unique gear with an Exalted item, taking affixes from the latter. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A unique item with at least 1 Legendary Potential
  • An Exalted (purple) item with at least four unsealed affixes

Moreover, the two pieces of gear will have to be of the same slot. For example, two sets of boots, helmets, etc. You can’t combine an amulet with a pair of gloves. After placing the proper items in the Eternity Cache and combining them, the Unique gear piece will take on a number of affixes from the Exalted piece, depending on its Legendary Potential.

For example, if your Unique boots have 1 Legendary Potential and your Exalted boots have four affixes, your Unique boots will get one random affix from the Exalted boots. However, Unique boots with 3 Legendary Potential will take three of the four affixes from the Exalted boots. This is your best chance to get the optimal affix from your Exalted gear, the one with purple text that boosts a stat tremendously.

What you need to know about fusing items

If this is the first time you’ve heard about fusing items together in Last Epoch using the Eternity Cache, we’re sure you have questions. I personally had to do a lot of research, video-watching, and testing to figure out how the system works. Here’s what else you need to know:

  • Fusing items consumes the Exalted (purple) item, so it is gone forever.
  • Original affixes from the Unique item remain unchanged
  • The final fused item cannot be modified further
  • The final fused item will be rescaled to a new item level based on the transferred affixes from the Exalted
  • Class-specific Exalted items can fuse with non-class specific Uniques, offering a class-specific Legendary item
  • Set items cannot be fused with Exalted items
  • Items of different character classes (ex. Unique Acolyte, Exalted Rogue) cannot be fused

Fortunately, there is no specific currency or item required to use the Eternity Cache. Just a Unique with Legendary Potential and an Exalted item of the same gear type.

Unfortunately, there is no teleporting pad inside next to the Eternity Cache and no way to get in once you walk out the door. In other words, every time you want to use the Eternity Cache, you’ll have to find and use another Temporal Sanctum key, complete the dungeon, then use it.

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