Last chance: Immortalize your name on the Destructoid Forums shirt

Get your name printed on a Dtoid shirt!

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Destructoid has brand new forums! To sign up, go to register for a new account, and bookmark that while you’re at it. Please give us 24-48 hours to approve your account. The forums are now in public beta, but still not yet linked on our site navigation or anywhere but this post as we continue to test. Many thanks to everyone from Qtoid that has already registered and contributed feedback.

And yes, yes, we had forums in the past and they imploded (RIP). I’m told those forums are long gone. Starting from scratch as one of your new community managers, my goal is to make our forums the very best they can, and a truly welcoming place. We’re starting over with slicker new software and a brand new moderation team, including fine folks like RiffRaff and all the Disqus mods you already know so well. Please lend us your full support.

Speaking of support, we’re also pleased to announce the opening of the brand new Destructoid T-Shirt and Semi-Erotic Merchandise store. Tell your lover you need these items and be sure to use the code EARLYBIRDS to get free shipping within the continental US:

We have mugs, wall throws, pillowcases, phone cases, posters, as well as other miscellaneous Destructoid-themed gear. Heck, you could redecorate a fair bit of your office and residence with our ever-foreboding robot mascot. If you enjoy what we do here at Destructoid, we’d love your support, as 100% of the proceeds go towards helping cover our server costs and supporting all of our writers through these wild times. We will also be doing regular giveaways so if you’re broke we’ll try to get you in our gear one way or another, don’t even sweat it.

It goes without saying that Destructoid needs your support as many of our sponsors all went into hiding with the rest of us during COVID, and we’re certainly open to suggestions on other ways you’d prefer to support us if shirts are not your thing. If you can spare some shillings, awesome. We’re also throwing work at our artist community: Over the next few months, we’re going to be collaborating with various artists, including EricW (from Dtoid Twitch) and a collection of new shirts designed by the talented Ashley Hay, and re-colored limited designs from years past, so keep your eyes peeled for those. These shirts will definitely make you 69% more attractive, as verified by our data scientists and lawyers. If you’d like to pitch a Dtoid shirt or merch idea do find us in the new forums and send us your sketches.

As mentioned at the top of this story, you can get your name printed on an official piece of Destructoid merchandise. You absolutely read that correctly.

Next month, we’ll be releasing a shirt featuring our site mascot, Mr. Destructoid, rendered in ASCII art. The text used to create this image will be made up of usernames of Destructoid community and our writers and contributors.

To be featured in this design, all you have to do is follow these instructions. You have until the end of June. Follow the instructions there, and you may be featured on this new shirt. We’ll be doing a contest to give some shirts away (as store credits) so if you buy one now you can win a different one later. 

Anyway, that’s a bit of everything then. New forums, new shop. It’s a circus of values!

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